Demand for Brain Health is Rising

Cognitive fitness has become a focal point within the last several years. As awareness spreads and demand for solutions increases, it is interesting to note that the aging population is not the only demographic prioritizing brain health. While those aging are concerned about preserving mental acuity and fighting against memory loss, younger generations seek to maintain youthfulness. In addition, millennials are particularly interested in sharpening their mental clarity and focus amidst ever-increasing demands to multi-task. The smartphone, for example, has blurred the lines of work and non-working hours, which has led to a strain on cognitive functioning.

Why is Brain Health Important?

People are concerned about boosting cognitive fitness, but what is brain health, and why is it important? The brain is the main organ that governs the body. Thoughts, words, actions, and emotions are all directly impacted by the brain. Brain health is often defined as optimal cognitive functioning or cognitive fitness. Mental fitness is critical to both personal connection and independence.

In their collaborative initiative to improve cardiovascular health and reduce deaths from stroke and cardiovascular diseases, the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association added brain health to their list of strategic initiatives. Along with various other organizations within the medical field, these associations have recognized brain health as a critical component of overall health and healthy aging.

Benefits of Brain Health Supplements

There are many ways to promote brain health and combat cognitive dysfunction. Diet, exercise, socialization, and mental stimulation are among the top ways to keep your brain healthy. Those who already practice such habits are left wanting more. The nutritional supplements market finds itself answering the perennial question: what if we can do more? Otherwise known as nootropics, smart drugs, or brain boosters, supplements designed to enhance cognitive fitness is a booming market.

Top 5 Benefits of Brain Boosters:

  • Combat memory loss
  • Enhance focus
  • Increase mental clarity
  • Fuel motivation
  • Improve mood

The Best Supplement for Your Brain

There are a variety of supplementation formulations to support brain health and improve cognitive performance, but nothing does more for you than Carnosine. Carnosine provides powerful antioxidant properties to help protect the brain, support cognitive function, and sharpen mental acuity. Beta-alanine has proven to be the best way to increase carnosine levels in the body. Boosting carnosine levels through beta-alanine supplementation is clinically proven to improve executive functioning.

In an endurance exercise conducted in middle-aged individuals, beta-alanine was shown to counter the deficits in executive functioning that occur during endurance exercise. The study concluded that the middle-aged population could maintain benefits from exercise with improved safety. Studies of tactical athletes have shown that ingesting beta-alanine improves executive functioning, mental clarity, and cognitive processes while reducing mental fatigue. Cognitive performance was significantly greater in participants who consumed beta-alanine compared to the control group who consumed the placebo.

At Sustained RX®, we pride ourselves on promoting wellness based on the foundation of proven science. Our flagship product, Perfect Synergy®, is the culmination of our scientific efforts and is powered by SR CarnoSyn®, a patented sustained release beta-alanine. Perfect Synergy® supports brain performance in learning, memory, focus, reasoning, accuracy, and concentration.

Think Clearly. Live Well. Perfect Synergy®



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