What Are the Benefits of Taking Perfect Synergy®?

The memory capacity of the human brain is just short of infinite, with recent findings estimating it can store around a quadrillion bytes of information. However, this massive storage capacity doesn’t necessarily mean memories are processed efficiently, as anyone who has forgotten a birthday or important meeting can attest.

However, imagine if you could unlock the power of your brain: improving memory recall, concentration, and overall cognitive function. With Perfect Synergy®, the brain health supplement from Sustained RX®, experiencing clinically proven brain benefits is possible.

What Is Perfect Synergy®? What Are the Benefits?

Perfect Synergy® is a beta-alanine supplement that boosts carnosine production in the body. Carnosine is vital for everyday health and positively impacts many of the body’s systems. Beta-alanine is the rate-limiting amino acid in carnosine synthesis within our bodies, meaning the body can’t get adequate amounts of this amino acid from diet alone. Therefore, taking a beta-alanine supplement like Perfect Synergy® is the best way to increase carnosine levels.

Perfect Synergy® provides adults with a variety of clinically proven benefits, including:

  • Reduced mental fatigue
  • Better brain health and cognitive function
  • Improved attention and focus on tasks
  • Boosted mental clarity, concentration, and alertness

What Ingredients Are in Perfect Synergy®? Where Are They Sourced From?

Perfect Synergy® is made in the USA using beta-alanine sourced from Japan, the country known for its exceptionally high-quality beta-alanine production. Additionally, the product is vegan, gluten-free, allergen free, and 100 percent non-GMO. With Perfect Synergy®, you get a clean, potent formula that is made with high-quality ingredients and no substitutes, fillers, or banned substances.

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How Does Perfect Synergy® Compare To Other Supplements on the Market?

Perfect Synergy® is formulated based on science from over 55 clinical studies. Our key ingredient, SR CarnoSyn®, is a globally patented sustained-release formulation of beta-alanine which is essential to the body’s production of carnosine — and the only beta-alanine established as a New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) by the FDA.

Utilizing beta-alanine that’s been approved by the FDA under NDI status demonstrates a commitment to deliver the highest-quality supplements and further distinguishes Perfect Synergy® from generic forms of beta-alanine, which cannot provide any guarantees as to their quality and effectiveness. Perfect Synergy® is one of the cleanest and safest carnosine boosters available, as it contains the only beta-alanine with self-affirmed Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status. (Per the FDA: “For a substance to be GRAS, the scientific data and information about the use of a substance must be widely known and there must be a consensus among qualified experts that those data and information establish that the substance is safe under the conditions of its intended use.)

Boost Carnosine and Your Brain Power With Perfect Synergy®

The team behind Perfect Synergy® takes pride in the high-quality product we’ve produced. “We wouldn’t make it if we wouldn’t take it” is the credo that has guided us since we introduced Perfect Synergy® in 2020.

Our customers have seen impressive results after taking Perfect Synergy®, too, which range from a boost in memory to improved focus and as a mood balancer. To find out how others have unlocked their brain power by supplementing with Perfect Synergy®, check out our reviews. Or, read more on our science and research page.

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