Complete Vision Support


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Sustained Release Tablets
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Complete Vision Support

Powered by two groundbreaking ingredients, SR CarnoSyn® and FloraGLO®. Together, they feature the patented sustained release formula and antioxidant properties to protect against free radicals and improve visual performance for:

• Light sensitivity
• Visual acuity
• Contrast sensitivity
• Glare recovery

SR CarnoSyn® contains the only beta-alanine approved by the FDA under NDI status with 15 global patents and 55+ clinical studies. The patented sustained release beta-alanine is clinically proven to maximize carnosine production. Studies show carnosine increases retinal carnosine content and delays cataract formation and vascular damage. Improved carnosine levels provide antioxidant and anti-glycation protection from oxidative damage. The sustained release formula enables larger servings of beta-alanine to be ingested without reaching the paresthesia-sensation threshold and is clinically studied to improve whole-body retention.


FloraGLO® lutein is scientifically proven to protect our eyes from visible light, known as blue light. As the number one researched lutein brand worldwide, FloraGLO® has become the golden standard for lutein. FloraGLO® is extracted from marigold flowers and provides the same absorbable form of lutein found in such common foods as kale, spinach, corn, and peppers. Plus, it is backed by 25 years of research. In multiple studies, FloraGLO® consistently improved contrast sensitivity, photo-stress recovery, and disability glare thresholds. It has been clinically proven to absorb blue light and improve eye performance associated with prolonged blue light exposure from digital devices.

Clinically Effective Dosage

Complete Vision Support is formulated to provide a daily dose of 2.4g of SR CarnoSyn® beta-alanine and 10mg of FlorGlo® lutein, the clinically proven effective amount to boost your body’s carnosine and lutein levels.

No Compromise

Complete Vision Support is manufactured in the United States of America with globally sourced certified safe ingredients.

Not only is Complete Vision Support safe and potent, it is stable and each tablet is strictly controlled for quality in one of the most highly renowned manufacturing facilities in the world.


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